On Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

“Reminds me of the Utopian Socialists. They have some good ideas but overall they are proposing a soulless statist communist bureaucracy.”

I think that that may or may not be a fair categorization. It seeks the end of bureaucracy in submission to algorithms and voting. There seems like there doesn’t have to be any state at all (i could envision wikigovernment). And communist? so what? We have to be communist in some sense once we recognize that we’re all in this together as a species. I think it’s hard to imagine but entirely plausible because of accelerating technological development that nobody would ever have to go to a job that they don’t like just to make ends meet. That instead we could live in a abundance and desire to follow a calling that could in some way give back. The only authority that I could submit myself to is science. And science seems to be the only authority that the zeitgeist vision would like to be submitted to. The ring cities are just their best guess. I think we’d see many of our technologies become biological and embedded in local ecosystems. And that science shows that people are most productive when freely choosing their projects. The zeitgeist people take a good stab at what a future could be, and we can obviously see that the reigning ideology is death. A vision whose sole constraint is science would clearly allow more variation in size and social organization of human groups, i.e. the existence of primitivism is entirely consistent, while profit-driven externalizing structures like corporations are clearly not.


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