Comments and Discussion on “Ron Paul vs Robert Reich On Larry King”

“@thinkahol sure. show me the spot.

Ravengaurd6 9 minutes ago
@Ravengaurd6 more than willing to get into a long discussion on my blog “Thinkahol’s Blog”

thinkahol 24 minutes ago
@Ravengaurd6 So when businesses grow past a certain size, they should have become democratic. The type of anarchism that I would support has only existed in brief flashes before being violently externally defeated. The Paris Commune of 1871, and anarchists in the 1936 Spanish Civil War are a couple of examples.

thinkahol 27 minutes ago

And so it’s a dangerous error to place market values as supreme over humans and the environment. Market efficency arises through competition. The ideal market recognizes that collectively/democratically agreed upon rules setting the space in which we want efficient outcomes can arise are legitimate and necessary. That we have shitty regulation doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have rules, to the contrary we need more accountability and better rules.

thinkahol 31 minutes ago

Those are some big questions. I’m on the libertarian left not the libertarian right. I think power from concentrated wealth is as much a threat to our liberty as the power of the state, and less accountable. It’s a mistake to over “scientize” economics. The complex mathematical models (physics envy) create over confidence because they’re based on false premises. Economics can’t be a hard science because markets don’t exist independent of their socio-political context.

thinkahol 41 minutes ago
@thinkahol and what is your Ideal version of the market. why do you support it? how does it work? and has it been proven?

Ravengaurd6 1 hour ago

I think Ron Paul is right about a lot of things and wrong about plenty of others, but he’s certainly better than any establishment candidate. It’s his free market fundamentalist supporters that give me headaches.

thinkahol 1 hour ago

[More than willing to edit the name out.]

another video to get started:


4 thoughts on “Comments and Discussion on “Ron Paul vs Robert Reich On Larry King”

  1. okay. alrighty, I’m not too familiar with Mr.Chompsky. but I do know that he is an anarcho-socialist.

    So I can see from that start that he is an anarchist. he’s against statism. so he’s against foundational aggression and coercion. I agree with that

    I will call myself a Freedom-focused advocate of a Free Market paralleled by a Common Law.
    to avoid hot labels like liberal, conservative, libertarian etc. Since they are corrupt in meaning as you well know.
    now.about the questions i asked you on youtube.

  2. I was hoping my short comments would have partially counted toward an answer to your original questions. The short answer was that I don’t have an answer. I don’t have a fixed ideal of a market.
    I do certainly support and oppose certain trends and ideas. I think limited liability undermines the free market etc. I think that there are obvious limits to the kind of accountability the market can provide without enforced rules and regulations. I think that how poisoned the air, land, and water have become is a testament to the lack of effective accountability. And additionally the recession is a product of a lack of accountability in our banking system.

    These contain most of my concerns with the current economic arrangement:

  3. The single most fundamental issue, might be the question of price and cost. The prices that are paid don’t reflect the costs on society or biosphere.

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