On new age spirituality, consciousness, and reality

Justin x

‎”morality did not enter the universe with the Big Bang and then pervade it like background radiation” Steven Pinker

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    • Justin x: I get the sense that this is how new age spiritualism views consciousness.September 16 at 2:13pm · Like ·   1 person
    • Tj x: more like consciousness is before and underneath our universe.September 16 at 2:47pm · Like
    • Justin x: That is stupid, lol.September 16 at 5:08pm · Unlike ·   1 person
    • Charlie x: Which is to evacuate “concsiousness” [sic] of meaning.September 17 at 5:34pm · Like
    • Tj x: it’s metaphysics, and consistent with the singularity hypothesis. I don’t think it’s an inconsistent or particularly unfair extension of the traditional meaning of consciousness if it turns out our universe is virtual. We have no clue what type of consciousness singularities permit.I do object to new age “knowledge,” but no more strongly than any metaphysics (which by definition can only be considered hypothetically).But to return to morality, it seems entirely possible that morality when properly understood could be rather like math. There just might be certain justifiable normative relationships between different instances of consciousness depending on the given species driven necessities.https://thinkahol.wordpress.com/2011/03/24/a-couple-good-sam-harris-quotes/ September 17 at 7:19pm · Like ·   1 person
    • Justin x: Anything when properly understood is going to break down to math at least in parts. As much as humans resist, you really can measure things, you just have to state what that is.Yesterday at 1:37pm · Like
    • Justin x: What the fuck is the singularity hypothesis? What the fuck does it have to do with bumbling morons equating the universe to a consciousness soup that is “before and underneath” our universe? I do actually want to know?Yesterday at 1:39pm · Like
    • Justin x:After hearing a lot of people talk about this whole higher power/super consciousness soup thing, I have an opinion. New age spiritualists (along with some old) are basically talking about the christian god minus the spiteful revenge. Its the same crusty old bastard he is just called consciousness and became genderless along the way (but he still has a beard). What they are talking about is an agent. I haven’t talked to a single person who holds to this super consciousness that isn’t, in the end, talking about a super agent. Most people don’t even have a fucking clue what consciousness is.Yesterday at 1:46pm · Unlike ·   1 person
    • Tj x:Here a list of various definitions of the singularity:http://www.singularitysymposium.com/definition-of-singularity.html But it’s basically a collection of concepts related to uninterrupted exponential technological growth. One of the predecessor phrases was “intelligence explosion.”First I’m saying that I think exponential technological growth is not only possible but real. The next step I’m taking is putting that possibility in context. If the singularity CAN happen, maybe in the entire history of existence singularities have ALREADY happened. This line of reasoning makes the simulation hypothesis seem even more plausible (that our reality is software running on a higher order reality). And it is really only in the context of the simulation hypothesis that I can make new-agey metaphysical concepts sound remotely reasonable in my mind.So if our universe or multiverse is a simulation running on a higher order operating system it’s theoretically possible that that higher order reality has become saturated with consciousness, i.e. become one conscious network. And it is in that sense that consciousness could lie before and underneath our universe.

      That said, I don’t think any of the above are necessary to explain subjective states of conscious experience that would give one the desire to say that the above new age-y concepts are true (regardless of their ability to point to states of conscious experience that could be demonstrably preferable to live in).Yesterday at 4:35pm · Like

    • Tj x: But yeah people are talking about a super-agent. Which I tend to agree is superficially ridiculous, and just plain wrong the way most people must conceptualize it. But I also think that humans have the ability to become/create a super-agent. So if there isn’t already “God” i think it’s really only a matter of time.Yesterday at 4:39pm · Like
    • Justin x: You do have material and processing limits. This is my response to the singularity proposition. There is a greater probability that you would run out of material resources or reach a processing ceiling than there is for infinite exponential growth in information technology.Yesterday at 5:29pm · Like
    • Justin x: I also find it to be a major leap of faith to assume that a virtual world would be conscious of itself. Why am I assuming this? Why wouldn’t the executive software be a second system unnoticed by the virtual universe? It is super fun that this is where “god” comes back in the picture.Yesterday at 5:35pm · Like
    • Tj x:I think you’re wrong about the material limits and the information processing limits. I’d have to review Kurzweil’s book before I could get back to you with a robust response.I never said anything about the virtual world being conscious of itself yet. I definitely think that our universe mustn’t be aware of itself as a whole.”Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic.”If what is outside of our virtual reality is unsurpassed consciousness then the simulation hypothesis becomes a form of panintheism.Yesterday at 6:17pm · Like
    • Justin x: That all seems reasonable.Yesterday at 6:54pm · Like

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