Thinkahol’s response to, “Solving the Hard Problem of Consciousness – In Under 10 Minutes”

“This video offers a solution to the Hard Problem of Consciousness. 
It contends that there are 2 epistemological hurdles that have historically prevented man from solving this mystery… and these epistemological hurdles are a consequence of evolution. 

(This is a condensed version of my 5 part series on “Solving the Mystery of Dualism”.)”



I like where he ends up, but don’t use the same steps.

I think the combination of two lectures below paint a more accurate picture. I don’t think we are EM [electromagnetism] either. Electromagnetic fields can obviously exist without self-awareness. The point of interest has to be how matter and energy are arranged to represent an information processing system that can represent itself. It’s the properties and organization of information processing itself that create the possibility of representation, and this software is, in principle, capable of operating on any “physical” platform of sufficient resolution and complexity to support the requirements of said software system.

Thomas Metzinger on “Being No One”

“Jeff Hawkins on Artificial Intelligence” 

Being alive is being software on a replication machine “designed” through natural selection to compete with other replication machines. “Feeling” what it is to be alive is for information processing to begin biting its own tail, i.e. representing the representational process itself. “Knowing” what it is to be alive is to become of aware of the recursive process as nominally independent of the larger field of reality. “Awakening” fundamentally recognizes the illusory nature of one’s projection of reality including the projected boundary line delineating “the self” or “ego.”

There is no world to a process that doesn’t represent one. Stage one is representing (is). Stage two is representing representing (something is). Stage three is representing representing representing (I am something). Stage four is representing representing representing representing (I am that I am / All is).





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