Gun Control Won’t Stop Shooting Sprees

Shooting sprees will keep happening until our culture changes, gun control or not

The availability of guns is not what drives people to use them on shooting sprees. There are more guns per capita in Canada and there is a fraction of the violence. The “why?” question is more fundamental than the “how?” question.

Stephen Bezruchka – Is America Driving You Crazy?

A Brief History of Rage, Murder and Rebellion


4 thoughts on “Gun Control Won’t Stop Shooting Sprees


    “Nations with stringent anti-gun laws generally have substantially higher murder rates than those that do not. The study found that the nine European nations with the lowest rates of gun ownership (5,000 or fewer guns per 100,000 population) have a combined murder rate three times higher than that of the nine nations with the highest rates of gun ownership (at least 15,000 guns per 100,000 population).”

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