God Damn It

Keeping your head down keeps you a tool.

The current economy is more than 5 times more productive than in 1950 when one person with a high school education could support a middle class family.

Over the last thirty years basically all income growth went to the very top.

Productivity continues to climb, real wages continue to fall.

Corporate profits are at a 50 year high, and so is unemployment.

Major law breaking by big banks and government continues to go unprosecuted.

Global warming is real and worse than everyone thinks; militaries all over the world are preparing for increased instability and resource wars.

Peak oil is fucking real.

Not to mention our “progressive” president has had American citizens fucking assassinated. WTF

This neoliberalism, or the washington consensus, or whatever the fuck you want to call it is fucking collapsing.

Citations available upon request or you can just fucking google it.

TL;DR Shit’s way more fucked up than people think it is. Personal responsibility just ain’t going to fucking cut it. If we don’t figure out collective responsibility in a real fucking hurry we’re all fucking screwed.

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