Why We’re All Going To Die

I wrote this a few years back. What do you think?


“Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”- John F. Kennedy

The only way out is through. Global society is dependent on artificially inflated energy resources—i.e. oil—that are directly leading us toward total collapse. Technology is being used to most efficiently maximize wealth of the largest corporate conglomerates at the expense of the social fabric and a living environment. The biosphere is in fact collapsing. The technology exists to solve our technical problems but the solutions do not seem like they will be effectively put to use. The power structures concentrating money off the status quo are too entrenched. Each human is called on to become more aware.

‘The problem that confronts us is that every living system in the biosphere is in decline and the rate of decline is accelerating. There isn’t one peer-reviewed scientific article that’s been published in the last 20 years that contradicts that…

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