I Never Fought Back, But It Was Still Rape

Thought Catalog

Basheer Tome Basheer Tome

Relationships are hard. Promiscuity is easy, no pun intended. After being in a long and (what felt like a) seemingly endless relationship for all of high school, and most of my first year of college, it was surprising how easily I slipped into casual sexual relations. All my sexual experience had come from one person and had always been monogamous.

After the break up, I didn’t have sex with every boy I pursued, but sex did happen quite a few times but only once with each boy. I never went back for seconds; it was just easier that way. I know starting off by saying all of this will leave me open to criticism, but I am going to suck it up in the hopes that this reaches people who have something to gain from reading my story. My attitude towards casual sex did play a part in…

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