Charlie Hebdo Cartoons The American Media Doesn’t Want You To See

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Charlie Hebdo’s most famous cover shows what makes the magazine so important – Vox

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YS: since when has shitting on an oppressed group (muslims) been important?
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MA: Not justifying the violence but the magazine seems to be a juvenile racist rag. Not sure why it’s praise worthy.
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YS: yeah, so many people are rallying to defend this magazine’s free speech, but Muslim people don’t enjoy any of the democratic rights other citizens of the west are given. Their liberties have been eviscerated in the name of the “war on terror” in basically every western “democracy”.
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YS: these cartoons are little more than racist bullying.
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TD: food for thought until i have time to respond myself:
Sharpening Contradictions: Why al-Qaeda attacked Satirists in Paris
By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) The horrific…
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TD: Secular acquiescence to sectarian taboos strengthens the censorial power of religion.
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TD: Why can’t I oppose the revocation of the rights of Muslim people, while I simultaneously oppose murder by Muslim people in the name of Islam?

Norway: All Muslims agree Stoning is OK – Moderate Muslim Peace Conference
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MA: Ok, these cartoons are bigoted and juvenile. Is that better for ya? TD is absolutely correct. The attacks were abhorrent but that fact doesn’t raise these cartoons to genius level.
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RJ: A lot of the images the newspaper had were ironic, parodies of the opinions of the people they were mocking. Which is pretty much Stephen Colbert’s whole shtick. If you took what Colbert said at face value you’d think he was a horrible and stupid person, but once you understand the political context that he’s speaking from, that “horrible opinion” becomes “comedic satire”. That’s just how ironic comedy works. If you lack context, you assume the comedian is just being an asshole. Take this cartoon, for example. The headline roughly translates to “The sex slaves of Boko Haram are angry”, and the women are roughly saying “Don’t touch our child benefit!” (i.e. welfare payment for having children). This isn’t the newspaper’s opinion, it’s them mocking the absurdity of the far right’s opinion of “dem lazy Muslims be stealin’ mah tax-euros” by taking it to an absurd extreme. The problem is that a lot of people don’t understand ironic comedy and get butthurt for no good reason.
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YS: i for one don’t believe that people are committing these terrorist actions because of their religion. they are doing it because of the wholesale slaughter and oppression of their people by the west. these cartoonists lacked integrity, and i for one will not shed a single tear over their demise.
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YS: proof:

Islam UK – Generation Jihad – Part 1 of 3
The EDL was formed to defend our country against these barbaric radical muslim scum. Support the…
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RJ: that’s a good point, i too believe that a perceived lack of journalistic integrity in doodling cartoons merits death
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TD: YS, Of course western imperialism exacerbates fundamentalism. But why would you pretend when people say they are doing something in the name of Islam you know better than them? It’s a false dichotomy. If it was purely geopolitical journalists that insult their religion wouldn’t ever even be considered as targets.
I’ll have to watch the Generation Jihad video after work, but did you watch the video from the Moderate Muslim Peace Conference linked above?
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YS: ^in my opinion Islamic fundamentalism, as it manifests today, is almost wholly a CREATION of western imperialism, from Afghanistan in the 80s , to the homegrown radicalized youth who likely carried out this attack. many of these youngsters come form secular/moderate families, they weren’t born and raised fundamentalists.
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YS: as to the choice of targets, i can only speculate as to their motives, but i suspect their line of reasoning resembles that of the military planners behind the strategic bombing of cites during the second world war who realized that in order to break the will of the enemy to fight it was necessary to target civilians.
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YS: ?
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YS: note the nuanced language : ” Islamic fundamentalism, as it manifests today, is almost wholly a CREATION of western imperialism ”
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YS: of course fundamentalism existed before, but western invention has been akin to dumping gasoline on a forest fire
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YS: generally speaking, I agree that unarmed people are not an ethical choice of targets. but in a world so full of evil i only have so many fucks to give, and would rather devote them to more deserving people than a magazine that served to reinforce widespread and appalling prejudice against Muslim people.
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TD: This magazine aside and more generally do you equate criticism of Islam and belief in Islam with prejudice against Muslim people?
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BC: Could I argue that religion lacks integrity so I will not shed a tear over its demise?
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TD: YS, anyway, there is certainly misplaced concern:

A Media Microscope on Islam-Linked Violence
Is Islam, as Kristof, Maher and O’Reilly suggest, really…
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YS: TD, I would say these cartoon are caricatures, not criticism ,similar to say little black Sambo or the Cleveland Indians mascot.
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TD: If the religious expect my compliance in public space with their religious taboos, they’re asking for my submission not my respect. I understand your perspective more now but didn’t feel that way from the images I saw.
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BC: In addition, they lampoon everyone.
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Armory of the Revolution

Below are cartoons drawn over the past several decades by Cabuone of the most emblematic cartoonists at Charlie Hebdo (if not the most). Cabu was murdered along with his colleagues this past week. He was 75 years old.

Although no media outlet in the US will show you these images, they can all be found online with a simple Google search.

This cartoon by Cabu criticizes racial profiling, specifically discrimination by the French police against immigrants from North Africa and people of African descent. The caption reads: “No to racist controls [identity checks].”

This cartoon by Cabu depicts and quotes the racist demagogue politician Jean-Marie Le Pen of the Front National party (with the eye patch). The caption reads: “We want to be able to go out in the evening without being afraid.” The armed thugs in the background are racist skinheads and their ilk. The cartoon leaves little doubt…

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