Certainty is original sin.

How many times have you known you were right about something and then find out you were actually wrong? Is it still reasonable to presume that that feeling of certainty is perfect? We are ignorant of our ignorance regularly.

We live in our worldview, and our worldviews are subconsciously created. The utility of sensory representation is in meeting homeostatic needs more tightly coupled to physical reality. The utility of higher order representations like metaphysics are selected for primarily and historically by our social reality, but it all feels equally real. We all know we’re right. The extent of our fervent disagreements should have been a hint that the strength of our convictions aren’t correlated with their accuracy. Consciousness is an experimental reality engine. The feeling of certainty is selected for because of our sociality as a species. You need to take your thoughts with a grain of salt. Consciousness is the press office of your body/brain.

I think people think we need certainty, because they like the feeling. I’m telling you to keep the feeling. You still get to feel certain about uncertainty. The feeling of certainty is a feeling. It can be separated from our ideas.

Attention trains neural patterns. Spend more time with your senses and your brain will be more tightly coupled to physical reality. It’s good to spend time in your mind too, but don’t get lost there. Your mind can’t tell you who you are because it doesn’t know what you are. We hear the outlines of a story and then we think we know. All us so called conscious creatures sleepwalk through our reality assuming they already know the nature of a consciousness we are just beginning to understand. This is was Socrates was talking about when he said, “As for me, all I know is that I know nothing,” and “Wisdom begins in wonder.” Because we know now that experience is fundamentally representational like software and not physical or material. But experience is still experience of something outside of experience.

When you put your headphones on the music sounds like it’s coming from inside your head.

You’re sitting wrong. Sitting without holding your torso up with your core muscles is bad for you in a way that exercise can’t compensate for, just like exercise can’t compensate for putting junk food into your body.

You’re not ready for the next natural disaster. If you were rational you would be. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

You’re predictably irrational.

If you believe that all your beliefs are true you’re wrong, and you don’t know which things you’re wrong about. One thing less now maybe.

We live in an economic system where unemployment is inevitable. The rules of this economic game are determined by the government. And government policy influence is determined by economic class. According the recent research “America’s policymakers respond almost exclusively to the preferences of the economically advantaged.”

So we live in a game where we officially make the rules, so we’re free right? But was does it mean that we don’t make the rules. But we really do make the rules, just not always the official rules.
There’s guaranteed to be unemployed people in the current economy, purely structurally, but the poor are “moochers”?

I’ll tell you who the moochers are. They’re the fucking banks and energy companies. “consider that Bank of America (NYSE:BAC) received a $1.9 billion tax refund from the IRS in fiscal 2011 … even though it made $4.4 billion in profits and received a bailout from the Federal Reserve and the Treasury Department of nearly $1 trillion! And Citigroup (NYSE:C) made more than $4 billion in profits that year, along with a $2.5 trillion bailout, but paid no federal income taxes.”

“Of the top 20 region-sectors ranked by environmental impacts, none would be profitable if environmental costs were fully integrated. Ponder that for a moment: None of the world’s top industrial sectors would be profitable if they were paying their full freight. Zero.

That amounts to an global industrial system built on sleight of hand. As Paul Hawken likes to put it, we are stealing the future, selling it in the present, and calling it GDP.”

The depth of our tragedy is hard to understate.

We are the meaning creators. You might be afraid that if you stopped believing something, that nothing would mean anything anymore. But in reality, the only reason anything mattered ever is because it mattered to someone. Things matter because of you. We are the source of meaning. Meaning sweats out of our pores, like sweat. 😉

But we don’t know what the fuck is going on and that we think we do is preposterous. It should be an obvious red flag. What the fuck kind of system am I seeing through that it feels normal to think that in the vastness of reality, everything I believe and can’t verify just IS ABSOLUTELY, UNDENIABLY TRUE!.

But we’re all on the same boat. This is our ultimate shared truth. Whatever metaphysics there turn out to be, we’re all in it together. And this might be it. There is no moment as consequential as now.

When the revolution comes there is nothing more important on agreeing that evidence matters and that we should focus on what we agree on;

what the evidence says the best way to come to agreements is matters.

There is power asleep in you. Never stop giving yourself the chance to surprise yourself.

You’re state of the art. For now.

“Here are the numbers: The computer scientists  recreated 1.73 billion virtual nerve cells and 10.4 trillion synapses, each of which contained 24 bytes of memory. The simulation took 40 minutes of real, ‘biological’ time to produce one virtual second.

Billions and trillions of simulated neurons and synapses is nothing to sneeze at, but keep in mind how that equates to only one percent of what’s going on in our noggins. The brain, by comparison, consists of about 86 billion neurons linked together by trillions of synapses, making for a total of hundreds of trillions of different pathways that brain signals travel through. That’s a lot of electrical impulses shooting through the brain at once, which means a hellova lot of machine power.”


And it’s you that differentiates words on a page from meaningless symbols.