I have some questions

What kind of tools do we need in order to begin going about giving a thorough and well reasoned answer to the question, “What the fuck are we doing?”

What kind of ideological and/or social models do we have? What are their respective predictive accuracies and in what dimensions? What is the human species doing collectively, as a species? Are we a distributed network of consciousness? How intertwined are human limbic systems/other parts of the subconscious? What would it mean to use a better understanding of the science of human nature to intentionally model social organization on successful biological systems? Brains? Is “money is the blood of the social body” a useful metaphor? How well can we answer any of these questions in particular without answering other questions – in this set?/ not in this set? To what extent is strife a function of our inability to agree to what our symbols mean and what reality is? Are humans the platform for a battle of memes/ social software that determines the organization and hence patterns of energy flow of society through human agency? Should game design play a larger role in public policy? Should public policy be determined and executed more organically? Is the current centralization of power a threat to the survival of the human species? Why aren’t public policies generally required to be tested before they are implemented? Is it possible to have a governing social software system that optimizes social experimentation? Are there enough values that enough humans agree on to make conscious collective progress as a team despite our differences? What would it be like to all feel like we’re on the same team in some important sense? How does each of us as an individual relate to society? How much of our interactions are dominated by bureaucratic and monetary interests? How well mapped are other ways of organizing human collective action? How do we maximize human psychological healing? What questions do we think are the most important to pursue? If contexts determine which traits are selected for, what responsibility do we have to the manner in which our contexts are created? How does a social system that causes mass extinction maintain legitimacy? Why do I find it so difficult to live my life intentionally?